We Decided to Homeschool

We Decided to Homeschool

It has almost been four years that I wanted to homeschool our kids but circumstances did not permit. At the same time, my husband was hesitant if we could do it because it requires so much wisdom, patience, grace, time, and effort. As a good wife would do, I submitted and didn’t push through with it.

However, circumstances are different now – the pandemic came. Safety and health are of the utmost importance. No one was prepared for this. No one was equipped enough to withstand it including our educational system. We we’re forced to put a halt of what was the norm and evolve to a new norm. For education it was distance learning.

During the lockdown, our parenting skills was tested. It showed that there are so many things that we had to let our kids unlearn and learn. There are things that they have taken on without us knowing or teaching. I am not talking about education because no doubt the school where my kids were going is really good. The unlearning I meant was on a character perspective. I am referring to what they call “far-sighted parenting”. We should look not only in their achievements, but their hearts. After all, God doesn’t look at the outward appearance but the heart (1 Samuel 16:7)

So why homeschool? It is not only because of the flexibility that homeschooling brings, but more than anything we want to be the primary influence on our children especially at their young age. We want to influence them by our lives and teach them (by the grace of God) to love the Lord with all their hearts, souls, minds, and strength (Matthew 22:36-37). Above all, we want to lead them to the Gospel and God’s Word, who should be their ULTIMATE influence and authority.

It is still not a common decision among others because it is not a bed of roses to take but we are trusting God in this that more than giving them quality education, we pray and plead that God would be the ultimate authority in their lives. Homeschooling is only an avenue of being intentional about what we ultimately desire for our children because we understand that only God could change lives like how He changed ours.

In the article I read from The Gospel Coalition entitled “Make Your School Decision. Then Trust God.”, Glenna Marshall said, “As you’re making your choice about school, remember that God gives wisdom generously to those who ask him. Pray. Talk to the wise people God has placed in your life. Do your research. But, in the end, make your decision trusting that God will faithfully care for your family. He loves to do it. As Job reminds us, “No purpose of [God’s] can be thwarted.” You can’t mess up his plan, and he’s not waiting for you to. He’s waiting for you to trust him.”

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