My Reality. My Realization. Happy Mother’s Day

I would have chosen a picture where I look my best, kids well behaved, and all of us smiling but this is a big part of my reality as a mother. Not picture perfect!

As a working mom with no steady househelp, there is a lot on my plate. From tutoring the kids, sweeping and mopping the floor, cleaning the bathroom, bathing the kids, feeding them, washing the dishes plus the pressure of work…the list goes on. There is a temptation to do everything out of duty and not love.

With all these things to do, the task can get a toil on me and I get overwhelmed. Yet there is one thing that the Lord reminded me in mothering my kids. It is loving them. When I say loving them, it is not just a feeling but a commitment to enjoy them and everything I do for them. It is seeing all these tasks not as burden but joy.

The Greek word used in Titus 2 to love our children is phileo. It is to show them passionate and tender love. Now it is virtuous to serve our children day in and day out but Titus 2 calls us more than dutiful love. We are to delight in our children.

Carolyn Mahaney beautifully said and I quote. “What is the ultimate purpose of a phileo kind of love? It is nothing less than the salvation of our children’s souls. This is the chief end of our mothering. Our goal is not that our children be happy, fulfilled and succesful. But our highest objective should be that our children would repent from their sins, put their trust in Jesus Christ and reflect the Gospel to the world around them.”

To all mothers, I know our responsibilities could be daunting but let’s ask God to give us the grace to delight in our children because after all our goal is to bring them to Christ. It would be encouraging for them to see that our joy in loving and taking care of them is from the joy we have in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Happy Mother’s Day! 💐

Oh, before I forget I want to thank my husband who has been my partner in rearing our children and even the chores at home. My mother-in-law and father-in-law who graciously helps us with Zara and even our home, who faithfully cooks for us because we have no time. My parents who takes care of the kids so we can take a break.


Christian Mom

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  1. Good morning, Christian Mom. I love that you have chosen this as your blog profile name. And, I’m especially blessed by this post, stating the greatest purpose of mothering is the salvation of their children’s souls. Thank you, for reading and liking some of my posts at My greatest passion is to share my faith in Jesus with our family and others. I will look forward to reading more of your posts and learn more about you and your sweet family. I didn’t see any information on your About page? Have a blessed day raising your children to know, love, and serve Jesus.

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  2. Amen! The goal of motherhood is to train them up to follow the Lord. It’s amazing to me how different our situations can be as mothers (I’m a stay-at-home, homeschooling mom) and yet many of our struggles and thoughts are very similar. I’ll be following your blog. Feel free to visit me as well – . Let’s hold each other up!

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    1. Thank you for following. True, what joy it would be to see our children growing up loving Jesus. I have several friends who are stay at home moms amd homeschooling as well. I have high regard for them and that includes you. Following you will truly help and inspire me. 😊


  3. Were you at my church yesterday??!! You summarized the message of the day- The chief end of our mothering is nothing less than the salvation of our children’s souls. God help us! Thanks for sharing.

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