God is Holy (Part 1)

We started the year with a new series for our family devotionals – The Attributes of God. This series will give our kids the opportunity to know who our God is.

The Attributes of God is essential to our faith. It is the foundation of our faith. It is then important to intentionally teach this to our kids because this will answer the questions; who God is and why we should believe and trust God.

God’s Holiness is the first attribute we shared to them. Read more to know why we first discussed the holiness of God.

Key verse: Revelation 4:8 “…Holy, holy, holy, Lord God the Almighty, who was, who is and who is coming.”


  1. Clear glass of water for each child
  2. Anything dirty – We used soil. If you have a pet, their feces would be more better
  3. Spoon or popsicle stick

After prayer we read them a story about two false gods:

“Who’s the Most Beautiful of All”

Aphrodite stood in front of the grand mirror on Mt. Olympus, home of the gods, and asked, “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?” Not waiting for an answer, she turned away. “Silly me,” she laughed. “I am, of course!”

It was true… most of the time. Although the goddess of love and beauty was stunningly gorgeous, pride darkened her beauty and twisted her love. Everyone knew Aphrodite could be cruel when her status as “most beautiful of all” was challenged.

One day, rumors reached Mt. Olympus that there was a woman on earth whose beauty had captured the hearts of many men. Her admirers declared the mortal to be more beautiful than Aphrodite herself. The goddess of beauty and love did what any self-respecting, selfish, spoiled false god would do: she plotted her revenge.

First, she chased away all the men who wanted to be the woman’s husband. Next she went to her son, Cupid, and demanded, “Go to earth and shoot the ugly wench with one of your special arrows of love. Be sure it will make her fall in love with a wild animal – the most vicious one you can find!” The wicked love goddess laughed at her cunning scheme. “When she tries to get near the beast, it will attack her and kill her!”

Cupid intended to do what his mother asked, but even though he was a god like his mother, he had one little problem. Cupid could be a bit… clumsy. Just as he was about to shoot the beautiful woman with his arrow of love, he accidentally nicked himself with the arrow. Instead of making the woman fall in love with a wild animal, the arrow made Cupid fall in love with the very woman his mother wanted dead! Poor Cupid!

After reading the story, we asked the kids one question, “Can we say that Aphrodite and Cupid were perfect and clean in every way?” The obvious answer is no. It is clear that they are not perfect and clean. It is certain that they are not holy, perfect and pure. But our God is not like a Proud Aphrodite or a Stupid Cupid. Revelations 4:8 says that God is “….Holy, holy, holy…”. He is Perfect, perfect perfect. He is Pure, pure, pure.

We then discussed why it is important to know that God is Holy.

  • God is the Strongest – If God is not Holy, perfect and clean, could He be the Strongest?If God is not Holy, then God would not be perfectly strong. Someone might come along who is stronger. If God is not Totally Pure, then He can just decide to use His strength for evil rather than good. Aphrodite tried to use her power to keep men from marrying the girl that made her jealous. It was not a pure and right thing to do.
  • God is Love – If God is not Holy, perfect and clean, can His Love be perfect and pure? Why not?If God is not Holy, then God’s love can’t be perfect either. You won’t be able to count on His love for you. God might become jealous of you just like the way Aphrodite became jealous. She may have been called the goddess of love, but do you want her kind of love?

In front of them was a clear glass of water for each one. We guaranteed them that it is CLEAN and PURE because it was filtered. All the bad and dirty stuff were taken out. We compared and contrasted it to God’s purity and holiness. God is totally clean and pure; there’s nothing bad in Him. He doesn’t need to be “filtered.”

God is Holy 1

We asked them if they were willing to drink the water. They were more than willing.

We then took out the dirt that we prepared and added it to their water and asked them to stir it.

Then we asked, “Would you be willing to drink this dirty and polluted water? Why? Why not?” Of course they did not want to drink the dirt water.

God is Holy 4

The tiniest bit of something dirty destroys the whole glass of clean and pure water. We explained to them that dirt represented sin. Even if we just committed one sin in our entire life (although that would really is impossible), it would make us impure. It would not be “drinkable”. Our sin disqualifies us to be in a relationship with God because we are dirty, filthy sinners. If He did, it would stain His holiness and purity.

The good news is that God made a way for us to be washed clean and pure so we CAN have a relationship with Him! When we accept Christ as our personal Savior and Lord, He washes our sins away once and for all.

We concluded with the truth that if God is not Holy, then God is nothing more than a storybook god – fake and powerless. His Holiness sets Him apart with everyone and everything. Because God is Holy, we can be sure there is no dirt in Him.

We encouraged them to be thankful that our God is Holy and not like any other fake gods. We encouraged them to worship Him because our God is real.

So why did we choose to discuss the Holiness of God as our first attribute because this will prove the authenticity of His divine nature. It will prove that He is the real deal and no one else. It will seal the deal that He is God.

This is just the first part on our family devotionals about God’s Holiness. Excited to share the second part. One session is just not enough.

Praying that God would use this simple family devotionals for your family to grow together in your spiritual walk.